Commit 533908e2 authored by janis.streib's avatar janis.streib 🦉
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FIX: typo

parent 63d0138d
......@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@
<b-badge class="ml-1" v-if="groups[grp.group_name].is_own" variant="success">Mitglied
<b-link class="ml-1" v-if="group2mgrs[grp.group_name].length > 0"
:href="`mailto:${group2mgr_emails(grp.group_name).toString()}?subject=Betreuer der Gruppe '${grp.group_name}' zu BCD '${}'`">
:href="`mailto:${group2mgr_emails(grp.group_name).toString()}?subject=Betreuer der Gruppe '${grp.group_name}' zur BCD '${}'`">
<font-awesome-icon icon="envelope"/>
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