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UPD: Added comments

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......@@ -3,11 +3,13 @@ import TransactionService from './transaction.service'
export default {
list(config, login_name) {
let ta = [
{"name": "cntl.mgr.list", "old": {"login_name_list": [login_name]}},
{"name": "cntl.mgr.list", "old": {"parent_login_name": login_name}},
{"name": "cntl.wapi_auth.list", "join": {"0": "cntl.wapi_auth.fkey_cntl_wapi_auth_mgr"}},
{"name": "cntl.wapi_auth.list", "join": {"1": "cntl.wapi_auth.fkey_cntl_wapi_auth_mgr"}},
{"name": "cntl.mgr2role.list", "join": {"0": "cntl.wapi_auth.fkey_cntl_wapi_auth_mgr"}}
// TODO: Main and Subaccounts should be put-togetherable
{"name": "cntl.mgr.list", "old": {"login_name_list": [login_name]}}, // Main Account
{"name": "cntl.mgr.list", "old": {"parent_login_name": login_name}}, // Subaccounts
{"name": "cntl.wapi_auth.list", "join": {"0": "cntl.wapi_auth.fkey_cntl_wapi_auth_mgr"}}, // Main Accounts (Session-) Tokens TODO: API doesn't return these for some reason
{"name": "cntl.wapi_auth.list", "join": {"1": "cntl.wapi_auth.fkey_cntl_wapi_auth_mgr"}}, // Subaccount Tokens
{"name": "cntl.mgr2role.list", "join": {"0": "cntl.wapi_auth.fkey_cntl_wapi_auth_mgr"}}, // Main Account Roles
{"name": "cntl.mgr2role.list", "join": {"1": "cntl.wapi_auth.fkey_cntl_wapi_auth_mgr"}} // Subaccount Roles
return TransactionService.execute(config, ta);
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