Commit e914926f authored by janis.streib's avatar janis.streib 🦉
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ADD: filterinput component

parent 60707030
<div class="net-filter-direct d-print-none">
<b-input-group class="shadow">
<font-awesome-icon :icon="['fas', 'filter']"/>
<b-input debounce="300" v-model="value" @update="$emit('input', $event)" class="search form-control"
<b-input-group-append v-if="allow_direct">
<b-button title="Direktwahl" variant="outline-secondary" type="submit"
<font-awesome-icon icon="arrow-right"/>
export default {
name: 'FilterInput',
props: {
allow_direct: {
default() {
return false
value: {
default() {
return ''
<style scoped>
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