Commit 69d1d406 authored by BorjaEst's avatar BorjaEst
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Noise files added to tests

parent c3e6a3b4
...@@ -30,10 +30,12 @@ def data_dir(tmpdir_factory): ...@@ -30,10 +30,12 @@ def data_dir(tmpdir_factory):
with with
if source == 'SourceMerged': if source == 'SourceMerged':
mockup_data.combined(year_line) mockup_data.combined(year_line)
if source == 'SourceSplit': if source == 'SourceSplit':
mockup_data.tco3(year_line) mockup_data.tco3(year_line)
mockup_data.vmro3(year_line) mockup_data.vmro3(year_line)
with with
yield data_dir yield data_dir
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