Commit d2d58bb7 authored by BorjaEst's avatar BorjaEst
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Add ECMWF models to tests datasets

parent eb62a791
......@@ -27,11 +27,11 @@ class AttrRequirements:
assert dataset["lat"].standard_name == "latitude"
assert dataset["lon"].standard_name == "longitude"
if 'T' in # Not required
if "T" in # Not required
assert["T"] == ["time_bnds"]
if 'X' in # Not required
if "X" in # Not required
assert["X"] == ["lon_bnds"]
if 'Y' in # Not required
if "Y" in # Not required
assert["Y"] == ["lat_bnds"]
@mark.parametrize("attrs", [global_attributes().index])
......@@ -54,6 +54,17 @@ class TestCCMI(AttrRequirements):
return loads.ccmi(f"tests/datasets/{source}/{model}/*.nc")
@mark.parametrize("source", ["ECMWF"], indirect=True)
class TestECMWF(AttrRequirements):
@fixture(scope="class", params=listdir("tests/datasets/ECMWF"))
def model(self, request):
return request.param
def dataset(self, source, model):
return loads.ecmwf(f"tests/datasets/{source}/{model}/*.nc")
@mark.parametrize("source", ["ESACCI"], indirect=True)
class TestESACCI(AttrRequirements):
@fixture(scope="class", params=listdir("tests/datasets/ESACCI"))
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