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- [About](#about)
- [Build using docker](#build)
- [Run using udocker](#deployment)
- [Testing](#testing)
- [Documentation](#doc)
- [Authors](#authors)
- [Acknowledgments](#acknowledgement)
......@@ -109,16 +110,37 @@ $ udocker run --user=application o3skim --help
# Documentation <a name = "doc"></a>
- [TODO]()
# Testing <a name = "testing"></a>
There are 2 types of tests in this package.
On top, [tox]( automation is used to simplify the testing process.
To run only white and black box tests use:
$ tox tests o3skim/*.py
# Authors <a name = "authors"></a>
- [@V.Kozlov]( - TBD
- [@T.Kerzenmacher]( - TBD
- [@B.Esteban]( - TBD
## BlackBox tests - [Unittest framework](
Located inside package modules (./o3skim). This helps to test easily functions at low level. It helps the developer to ensure the function is creating has the expected behavior.
To run only white tests use:
$ tox o3skim/*.py
## BlackBox tests - [Pytest framework](
Located inside tests package folder (./tests). Black box testing is used to test the system from a general overview of the application. Pytest framework is selected in order to provide a simple syntax to test all possible combinations form the user point of view.
# Acknowledgements <a name = "acknowledgement"></a>
To run only black box tests use:
$ tox tests
# Documentation <a name = "doc"></a>
All o3as project module documents can be found at [](
# Authors <a name = "authors"></a>
- [@V.Kozlov](
- [@T.Kerzenmacher](
- [@B.Esteban](
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