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Added doc to utils module

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"""This module offers some utils for code management"""
"""This module offers some utils for code management. For example
utils to change easily from directory or create netCDF files.
Although this module is not expected to be used out of the o3skim
package, some functions might be convenient when using the python
from contextlib import contextmanager
import os
import yaml
......@@ -11,7 +18,13 @@ logger = logging.getLogger('o3skim.utils')
def cd(newdir):
"""Changes the directory inside a 'with' context"""
"""Changes the directory inside a 'with' context. When the code
reaches the end of the 'with' block or the code fails, the
previous folder is restored.
:param newdir: Path folder where to change the working directory.
:type newdir: str
prevdir = os.getcwd()
......@@ -23,7 +36,12 @@ def cd(newdir):
def return_on_failure(message):
"""Decorator to do not break but log"""
"""Decorator to do not break but log. Note that the error stack
is printed as well to do not lose relevant information.
:param message: Additional message to log when the function fails.
:type message: str
def decorate(function):
def applicator(*args, **kwargs):
......@@ -36,7 +54,17 @@ def return_on_failure(message):
def load(yaml_file):
"""Loads the .yaml file with the sources configurations"""
"""Loads the .yaml file and returns a python dictionary with all
the yaml keys and values. Note a yaml file can have key:values
sotored inside values, therefore the returned dictionary might
have dictionaries stored inside values.
:param yaml_file: Path pointing to the yaml configuration file.
:type yaml_file: str
:return: Dictionary with the yaml structure key:value.
:rtype: dict
with open(yaml_file, "r") as ymlfile:
config = yaml.load(ymlfile)
logging.debug("Configuration data: %s", config)
......@@ -44,14 +72,28 @@ def load(yaml_file):
def create_empty_netCDF(fname):
"""Creates a new empty netCDF file"""
"""Creates a new empty netCDF file.
:param fname: Name and path where to create the file.
:type fname: str
root_grp = netCDF4.Dataset(fname, 'w', format='NETCDF4')
root_grp.description = 'Example simulation data'
def to_netcdf(path, name, dataset):
"""Creates or appends data to named netcdf files"""
"""Creates or appends data to named netCDF files.
:param path: Location where to find or create the netCDF files.
:type path: str
:param name: Name/Prefix for file/s where to store the data.
:type name: str
:param dataset: Dataset to write to the netCDF file.
:type dataset: :class:`xarray.Dataset`
years, dsx = zip(*dataset.groupby("time.year"))
fnames = [path + "/" + name + "" % y for y in years]"Save dataset into: %s", fnames)
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