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......@@ -72,11 +72,14 @@ class CNLParser:
self.csv_index = create_csv_index(self.csv_header)
def get_json_header(self):
return self.header
def get_csv_iterator(self, fields=None):
Returns an iterator to get the csv-values line by line.
@param fields [list] Only the "columns" specified in |fields| are included in the returned list (in that order).
[None] All "columns" are included (order defined by |self.csv_header|.
def get_csv_iterator(self, fields=None):
indices = None
## Only return selected columns (if the |fields| option is set).
......@@ -91,16 +94,33 @@ class CNLParser:
csv_header = next(csv_reader)
assert( csv_header == self.csv_header )
## TODO convert every field to float..?
## Yield line by line.
for line in csv_reader:
if ( not indices ):
yield line
yield [ line[ind] for ind in indices ]
#yield [ float( line[ind] ) for ind in indices ]
def get_csv_columns(self, fields=None):
Returns a dictionary holding the CSV values grouped into columns.
Dict-keys correspond to |self.csv_header|, if |fields| is set only the specified columns are included.
## Convenience functions ##
def get_json_header(self):
return self.header
def print_json_header(self):
print( json.dumps(self.header, sort_keys=True, indent=4) )
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