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......@@ -111,8 +111,33 @@ class CNLParser:
Dict-keys correspond to |self.csv_header|, if |fields| is set only the specified columns are included.
## TODO should we really use "get_..." for an I/O and computation intensive function..?
if ( fields ):
field_names = fields
field_names = self.csv_header
num_cols = len(field_names)
## Create a list for each column.
cols = [ list() for i in range(num_cols) ]
## Read all csv lines and put the values in the corresponding columns,
for line in self.get_csv_iterator(fields):
for i in range(num_cols):
cols[i].append( line[i] )
## Create output dictionary.
ret = dict()
for i in range(num_cols):
ret[ field_names[i] ] = cols[i]
return ret
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