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Fix typos in

* Update git path and fix typos
* Add information on how to get the vault password
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......@@ -18,12 +18,13 @@ dnf install ansible git python3-dnf libselinux-python python3-netaddr
``` bash
git clone clone
git clone
cd ansible
ansible-playbook --ask-become-pass --limit $(hostname -f) --vault-id @prompt site.yml
sudo ansible-playbook --limit $(hostname -f) --vault-id @prompt sites.yml
* If you only want some parts of the roles to be run, you can use the option `-t TAGNAME` to run only those tasks with the given tag.
* The vault-password is known to the usual suspects.
### Ask for new software
Open an issue in the GitLab issue tracker and use the template for softwarerequests.
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