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# Ansible repository for LAS/CS NSQ computer
You need to have access to this repository (viz you need to add your public ssh-key (`ssh-keygen`) to your profile here.
`git clone`
## How to use ansible for software installation/computer setup
* Add your computer to the hosts file (below each *role* (word in brackets) you want to use)
Add your computer to the hosts file or if you are just testing add it to the local file.
Add your hostname under each role name (the name in the square brackets) you want to be run on your computer.
Also create a new file with an named
after your [fully-qualified-domain-name](}) in the `host_vars` directory including a [yaml]( list with some host specific configuration variables, e. g. copy another similar host and adjust it.
These files do not have the `.yml` extension and do not start with `---`
* install ansible (`dnf install ansible`)
* run ansible-pull (`ansible-pull -U`)
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