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# ImmersiveAnalytics
## Installation
1. Install Unreal Engine 4.21, including VS17/C++ integration. (Check if you are able to create a new C++ project in the engine. Then everything is fine.)
2. Download the ThirdParty archive from below and extract it so the path looks like .../immersiveanalytics/ThirdParty/HDF_Group/...
3. Put the *.h5 or *.h5part files in the folder .../immersiveanalytics/Resources/
4. Open ImmersiveAnalytics.uproject
5. In the context menu next to the Play-button, press VR Preview
## External files
The repo does not contain the HDF5 ThirdParty libraries, Python plugin or the data sets.
The repo does not contain the HDF5 ThirdParty library or the data sets.
You have to download and insert them manually.
Put it in ProjectDir/Resources/data.h5part
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