Commit c0757d6c authored by Johannes Bechberger's avatar Johannes Bechberger
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Modify ast mode checker algorithm

parent fec32835
......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ Test types for the ast mode
<td><code>.valid.mj</code> <code>.mj</code>
<td>Pretty printing the source file should result in the same output as pretty printing the already pretty printed file.
The sorted lexer output for the last should be the same as the sorted lexer output for the source file.</td>
All lines in the lexer output for the source file should be present in the lexer output of the pretty printed file.</td>
import difflib
import os
import shutil, logging
from typing import Tuple
from typing import Tuple, Dict
from mjtest.environment import Environment, TestMode
from mjtest.test.syntax_tests import BasicSyntaxTest
from mjtest.test.tests import TestCase, BasicDiffTestResult, BasicTestResult
......@@ -36,22 +36,23 @@ class ASTPrettyPrintTest(BasicSyntaxTest):
rtcode_lex, out_lex, err_lex = self.env.run_mj_command(TestMode.lexer, self.file)
rtcode_lex2, out_lex2, err_lex2 = self.env.run_mj_command(TestMode.lexer, tmp_file2)
out_lex = self._sort_lexed(out_lex.decode())
out_lex2 = self._sort_lexed(out_lex2.decode())
out_lex = self._line_count(out_lex.decode())
out_lex2 = self._line_count(out_lex2.decode())
comp = self._comp_dicts(out_lex, out_lex2)
incorrect_msg, rtcode = "", 0
if rtcode_lex + rtcode_lex2:
incorrect_msg, rtcode = "Lexing failed", 1
elif out != out2:
incorrect_msg, rtcode = "Not idempotent", 1
elif out_lex != out_lex2:
elif comp[0]:
incorrect_msg, rtcode = "Sorted and lexed second pretty print differs from original", 1
btr = BasicTestResult(self, rtcode, incorrect_msg=incorrect_msg)
btr.add_additional_text("First round output", out)
btr.add_additional_text("Second round output", out2)
btr.add_additional_text("Diff", self._diff(out, out2))
btr.add_additional_text("Original file, sorted and lexed", out_lex)
btr.add_additional_text("Second round output, sorted and lexed", out_lex2)
btr.add_additional_text("Diff", self._diff(out_lex, out_lex2))
btr.add_additional_text("Original file, sorted and lexed", self._dict_to_str(out_lex))
btr.add_additional_text("Second round output, sorted and lexed", self._dict_to_str(out_lex2))
btr.add_additional_text("Diff", comp[1])
return btr
def _diff(self, first: str, second: str) -> str:
......@@ -61,7 +62,26 @@ class ASTPrettyPrintTest(BasicSyntaxTest):
#return "".join(difflib.Differ().compare(self.expected_output.splitlines(True), self.output.splitlines(True)))
return "".join(sorted(lexed.splitlines(True)))
def _line_count(self, lexed: str) -> Dict[str, int]:
d = {}
for l in lexed.splitlines():
if l not in d:
d[l] = 1
d[l] += 1
return d
def _dict_to_str(self, d: Dict[str, int]) -> str:
return "\n".join("{} {}".format(k, d[k]) for k in sorted(d.keys()))
def _comp_dicts(self, d_orig: Dict[str, int], d_second: Dict[str, int]) -> (bool, str):
strs = []
for k in sorted(d_orig.keys()):
c_orig = d_orig[k]
c_second = d_second[k] if k in d_second else 0
if c_orig > c_second:
strs.append("{} [original file contained {}, pretty printed only {}]".format(c_orig, c_second))
return len(strs) == 0, "\n".join(strs)
def _pretty_print(self, input_file: str, output_file: str) -> Tuple[int, str, str]:
out, err, rtcode = self.env.run_mj_command(TestMode.ast, input_file)
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