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# bda-analytics-challenge-template
## Group Members:
- Forename: Random
- Surname: Dude
- Matriculation Number: XXXXXX
- Forename: David
- Surname: Blumenthal
- Matriculation Number: 2345611
- Forename: Another
- Surname: Dude
- Matriculation Number: XXXXXX
- Forename: Lukas
- Surname: Stingl
- Matriculation Number: 2397980
- Forename: Hendrik
- Surname: Becker
- Matriculation Number: 2337384
## Special Stuff
Explain special stuff here (e.g., things an evaluator has to know to evaluate your submission)
Our LSTM model was trained on Google Colab. The data split and model training is not performed in the notebooks, but
the processed is visualized. The whole functionality can be found in the src folder.
## Project Organization
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