Commit 4aad0a62 authored by sascha.witt's avatar sascha.witt
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Change default sanitize command line

parent 68df66c5
......@@ -40,5 +40,5 @@ sanitize: $(SRCS) $(HDRS) $(IMPL)
$(shell $(LLVM_CONFIG) --bindir)/clang++ $(CXXFLAGS) -stdlib=libc++ \
-Wl,-rpath=$(shell $(LLVM_CONFIG) --libdir) -fsanitize=address \
-o $@ $(SRCS) $(LDFLAGS) -lc++abi
ASAN_SYMBOLIZER_PATH=$(shell $(LLVM_CONFIG) --bindir)/llvm-symbolizer ./$@ -e 16
ASAN_SYMBOLIZER_PATH=$(shell $(LLVM_CONFIG) --bindir)/llvm-symbolizer ./$@ -e 16 -m time
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