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# Zero Shot Action Recognition
This is the git repo of the paper **Data Augmentation of Semantic Embeddings for Skeleton based Zero-Shot
Gesture Recognition** by David Heiming, Hannes Uhl and Jonas Linkerhaegner from the summer term 2021. Following our modular approach in the following sections you can read how to use our code.
This module is located in the folder **st-gcn_original** and can be used like the original from the git repo [st-gcn]( Additional files:
- **/config/st_gcn** contains two new folders with the config files for our splits
- **/tools** contains three python scripts "", "" and "" to generate the training splits for the ST-GCN.
- **/processor** contains the python file "" to generate the 256 dimensional features of the the classes the ST-GCN was not trained on
This module is located in the folder **Bert_language_embeddings**. The most important file to generate the SBERT mean class label embedding is the python file "".
**Relation Net**
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