Commit 59d77238 authored by Johannes Bechberger's avatar Johannes Bechberger
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Fix `all` mode

parent 3040b097
......@@ -82,7 +82,8 @@ if True:#__name__ == '__main__':
count += ret.count
if args["mode"] == "all":
report_subdir ="%d-%m-%y_%H-%M-%S")
for mode in [TestMode.lexer, TestMode.syntax, TestMode.ast, TestMode.semantic]:
for mode in [TestMode.lexer, TestMode.syntax, TestMode.ast, TestMode.semantic, TestMode.compile_firm]:
args["all_exec_tests"] = True
args["report_subdir"] = report_subdir + "_" + mode
cprint("Run {} tests".format(mode), attrs=["bold"])
args["mode"] = mode
......@@ -184,14 +184,6 @@ class JavaInfiniteLoopTest(BasicSyntaxTest):
return test_result
out, err, rtcode = self.env.run_command("./" + base_filename, timeout=timeout)
if rtcode != 0:
test_result.incorrect_msg = "binary can't be run"
test_result.add_long_text("Error output", err.decode())
test_result.add_long_text("Output", out.decode())
test_result.add_file("Source file", self.preprocessed_file)
return test_result
except SigKill as sig:
if sig.retcode == signal.SIGXCPU:
test_result.add_long_text("Output", out.decode())
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