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......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ It's heavily inspired by Sisyphus (and uses some of its code). See the `preproc`
__Please contribute test cases and improve the existing ones.__
__Semantic test cases that are executable (and terminate) should be placed in the `exec` folder or sub folder.__
__Semantic test cases that are executable (and terminate) should be placed in the `exec` folder or sub folder and should follow the style recommendations from end of this document.__
__Exec test cases can now use the import statement to import other classes. See the exec test case folder and the `preproc` folder for more information__
......@@ -190,6 +190,24 @@ All contributions are reviewed but should be accepted in general (even if this m
Issues regarding tests, the test runner or the preprocessor are also appreciated.
MiniJava style recommendations
### General
- All code should be valid Java code
- All functionality that could be useful for other test cases should be extracted into an importable files
- Such importable files should be placed in a folder (or sub folder) of `lib`
- Classes and methods should be documented with Javadocs if there name isn't self explanatory
### Class member
- The name of private class members should start with and underscore
- Instance variables should be initialized (if needed) in the `init` method
### Class
- The constructor functionality should be implemented in an `init` method that returns `this` at the end
- If you need multiple constructors, implement a basic constructor in the `init` method and implement the other constructors via `initX` methods
MIT, see LICENCE file for more information.
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