Commit 7d7f33cd authored by Deathcrow's avatar Deathcrow
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limit tcpdump size

parent 028377fb
......@@ -164,7 +164,7 @@ else:
tcpprobe_file = tempfile.TemporaryFile('w+')
#tcpprobe = subprocess.Popen(["cat", "/proc/net/tcpprobe"],stdout=tcpprobe_file)
if args.tcpdump == "1":
tcpdump = subprocess.Popen(["tcpdump", "-iany", "-w"+args.tmp_folder+"/tcpdump_"+str(mypid)])
tcpdump = subprocess.Popen(["tcpdump", "-iany", "-w"+args.tmp_folder+"/tcpdump_"+str(mypid), "-s100"])
# if congesion_algo == all check proc and do all
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