Commit 9e4fc28d authored by Johannes Bechberger's avatar Johannes Bechberger
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Add draft of new bench mode for simple benchmarking

parent 142821ba
......@@ -55,6 +55,10 @@ if True:#__name__ == '__main__':
parser.add_argument("--ci_testing", action="store_true", default=False,
help="In mode X the succeeding test cases of later modes/phases should also succeed in "
"this mode, and failing test cases of prior modes/phases should also fail in this phase.")
parser.add_argument("--bench_compiler_flags", action="store", default="", type=str, nargs=2,
help="Set the different compiler flags/modes that are compared, 'javac' for the java compiler")
parser.add_argument("--bench_runs", action="store", type=int, default=10,
help="Number of times to run a benchmarked code")
#parser.add_argument("--timeout", action="store_const", default=30, const="timeout",
# help="Abort a program after TIMEOUT seconds")
#parser.add_argument("--report_dir", action="store_const", default="", const="report_dir",
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ import random
import shlex
import shutil
import tempfile
import sys
from datetime import datetime
import time
from threading import Timer
......@@ -33,13 +34,17 @@ class TestMode:
exec = "exec"
bench = "bench"
ast: [syntax],
compile_firm: [exec]
compile_firm: [exec],
bench: [exec]
""" All 'success' tests of the mode can used as 'success' tests for the mode"""
TEST_MODES = [TestMode.lexer, TestMode.syntax, TestMode.ast, TestMode.semantic, TestMode.compile_firm, TestMode.exec]
TEST_MODES = [TestMode.lexer, TestMode.syntax, TestMode.ast, TestMode.semantic, TestMode.compile_firm,
TestMode.exec, TestMode.bench]
def get_test_dirname(mode: str) -> str:
......@@ -66,7 +71,8 @@ class Environment:
produce_no_reports: bool = True, output_no_incorrect_reports: bool = False,
produce_all_reports: bool = False, report_subdir: str = None,
ci_testing: bool = False, color: bool = False,
all_exec_tests: bool = True):
all_exec_tests: bool = True, bench_compiler_flags: List[str]=[],
bench_runs: int = 10):
if color:
self.mode = mode
......@@ -119,6 +125,9 @@ class Environment:
self.timeout = float(os.getenv("MJ_TIMEOUT", "10"))
self.big_timeout = float(os.getenv("MJ_BIG_TIMEOUT", "60"))
self.bench_compiler_flags = bench_compiler_flags
self.bench_runs = bench_runs
def create_tmpfile(self) -> str:
self._tmp_file_ctr += 1
return os.path.join(self.tmp_dir, str(round(time.time() * 100000))
import hashlib
import logging
import os
import shutil
import signal
from os import path
from typing import List, Tuple
import math
import subprocess
import time
from mjtest.environment import TestMode, Environment
from mjtest.test.syntax_tests import BasicSyntaxTest
from mjtest.test.tests import TestCase, BasicDiffTestResult, BasicTestResult, ExtensibleTestResult
from import SigKill
from mjtest.util.utils import get_main_class_name, InsertionTimeOrderedDict
_LOG = logging.getLogger("bench_tests")
class _RunResult:
def __init__(self, runs: List[float], is_correct: bool):
self.runs = runs
self.is_correct = is_correct
def mean(self) -> float:
return sum(self.runs) / self.number()
def stddev(self) -> float:
m = self.mean()
return math.sqrt(sum(map(lambda x: (x - m) ** 2, self.runs)) / self.number())
def min(self) -> float:
return min(self.runs)
def number(self) -> int:
return len(self.runs)
class BenchExecTest(BasicSyntaxTest):
Simple benchmark test. The new compiler mode shouldn't be slower than the old ones (or javac)
FILE_ENDINGS = [".java", ".mj"]
INVALID_FILE_ENDINGS = ["", ".inf.mj"]
MODE = TestMode.compile_firm
def __init__(self, env: Environment, type: str, file: str, preprocessed_file: str):
super().__init__(env, type, file, preprocessed_file)
self._should_succeed = True
def _bench_command(self, cmd: str, *args: Tuple[str]) -> _RunResult:
runs = [] # type: List[float]
for i in range(0, self.env.bench_runs):
start = time.time()
subprocess.check_call([cmd] + list(args), stdout=subprocess.DEVNULL)
runs.append(time.time() - start)
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
return _RunResult([], False)
return _RunResult(runs, True)
def run(self) -> BasicDiffTestResult:
is_big_testcase = "big" in self.file
timeout = self.env.big_timeout if is_big_testcase else self.env.timeout
base_filename = path.basename(self.file).split(".")[0]
tmp_dir = self.env.create_pid_local_tmpdir()
shutil.copy(self.preprocessed_file, path.join(tmp_dir, base_filename + ".java"))
cwd = os.getcwd()
test_result = ExtensibleTestResult(self)
results = [] # type: List[_RunResult]
for compiler_flag in self.env.bench_compiler_flags:
if compiler_flag == "javac":
_, err, javac_rtcode = \
self.env.run_command("javac", base_filename + ".java", timeout=timeout)
if javac_rtcode != 0:
_LOG.error("File \"{}\" isn't valid Java".format(self.preprocessed_file))
test_result.incorrect_msg = "invalid java code, but output file missing"
test_result.add_long_text("Javac error message", err.decode())
test_result.add_file("Source file", self.preprocessed_file)
return test_result
main_class = get_main_class_name(base_filename + ".java")
if not main_class:
_LOG.debug("Can't find a main class, using the file name instead")
main_class = base_filename
results.append(self._bench_command("java", main_class))
compiler_flag = compiler_flag.replace("\\-", "-")
out, err, rtcode = self.env.run_command(self.env.mj_run_cmd, compiler_flag, base_filename + ".java",
if rtcode != 0:
test_result.incorrect_msg = "file can't be compiled"
test_result.add_long_text("Error output", err.decode())
test_result.add_long_text("Output", out.decode())
test_result.add_file("Source file", self.preprocessed_file)
return test_result
except SigKill as sig:
test_result.incorrect_msg = "file can't be compiled: " +
test_result.add_file("Source file", self.preprocessed_file)
return test_result
assert len(results) == 2
if not results[0].is_correct or not results[1].is_correct:
incorrect_flags = [self.env.bench_compiler_flags[i] for (i, res) in enumerate(results) if not res.is_correct]
test_result.incorrect_msg = "Running with {} failed".format(", ".join(incorrect_flags))
test_result.has_succeeded = False
return test_result
msg_parts = []
stddev = max(results[0].stddev() / results[0].mean(), results[1].stddev() / results[1].mean())
rel_min = results[0].min() / results[1].min()
msg_parts.append("min(0/1) = {:.0%}".format(rel_min))
rel_mean = results[0].mean() / results[1].mean()
msg_parts.append("mean(0/1) = {:.0%}".format(rel_mean))
msg_parts.append("-1 / std = {:.0%}".format((rel_mean - 1) / stddev))
for (i, res) in enumerate(results):
test_result.add_short_text("min({})".format(i), res.min())
test_result.add_short_text("mean({})".format(i), res.mean())
test_result.add_short_text("stddev({})".format(i), res.stddev())
if (rel_mean - 1) / stddev <= 1:
msg_parts.append("first faster")
test_result.incorrect_msg = ", ".join(msg_parts)
test_result.has_succeeded = False
return test_result
test_result.correct_msg = ", ".join(msg_parts)
test_result.has_succeeded = True
return test_result
......@@ -173,7 +173,7 @@ class TestSuite:
print(colored("[{result:7s}] {tc:40s}".format(
result="SUCCESS" if ret.is_correct() else "FAIL",, color, attrs=["bold"]) +
colored("" if ret.is_correct() else ret.short_message(), color))
colored(ret.short_message(), color))
if self.env.produce_reports and (self.env.produce_all_reports or not ret.is_correct()):
if not exists(self.env.report_dir):
......@@ -304,6 +304,7 @@ class ExtensibleTestResult(TestResult):
self.incorrect_msg = None # type: Optional[str]
self.has_succeeded = True # type: bool
self._contains_error_str = True # type: bool
self.correct_msg = "correct" # type: str
def add_error_output(self, title: str, error_output: str):
......@@ -334,7 +335,7 @@ class ExtensibleTestResult(TestResult):
def short_message(self) -> str:
if self.is_correct():
return "correct"
return self.correct_msg
if not self.succeeded() and not self.test_case.should_succeed() and not self._contains_error_str:
return "the error output doesn't contain the word \"error\""
......@@ -549,4 +550,5 @@ TestCase.TEST_CASE_CLASSES[TestMode.lexer].append(LexerDiffTest)
import mjtest.test.syntax_tests
import mjtest.test.ast_tests
import mjtest.test.semantic_tests
import mjtest.test.exec_tests
\ No newline at end of file
import mjtest.test.exec_tests
import mjtest.test.bench
\ No newline at end of file
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