Commit ee340374 authored by andreas.fried's avatar andreas.fried
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Increase data rlimit to 8GB.

mandelbrot_mutable and index_overflow_test2 seem to run into this limit
and crash with "SIGSEGV: Resource temporarily unavailable".
parent 5796bcd0
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ class _Execute(object):
if not 'RLIMIT_CORE' in rlimit:
rlimit['RLIMIT_CORE'] = 0
if not 'RLIMIT_DATA' in rlimit:
rlimit['RLIMIT_DATA'] = 1024 * MB
rlimit['RLIMIT_DATA'] = 8192 * MB
if not 'RLIMIT_STACK' in rlimit:
rlimit['RLIMIT_STACK'] = 1024 * MB
if not 'RLIMIT_FSIZE' in rlimit:
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