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......@@ -53,9 +53,7 @@ def search(robot, predictor):
i += 1
print('Keep Searching, taking new picture')
if i>=4:
robot.behavior.drive_straight(distance_mm(200), speed_mmps(150))
result_of_search = evaluate_picture(robot, predictor, BALLOON_SIZE_MM)
print('Result of Search: ', result_of_search)
All necessary utilities (take and evaluate a picture, estimate position, drive towards position,...)
are implemented in this modul
are implemented in this module
import configparser
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ INITIALIZED = False
class img_prediction(object):
A class to perform a neccessary stept to evaluate an picte:
A class to perform a neccessary step to evaluate a picture:
Initialize a connection to cloud model
1. Take a picture (in online or offline format)
2. Evaluate the picture online
......@@ -371,12 +371,12 @@ def drive_towards_pose(robot, data, MAX_DRIVING_DISTANCE=600):
def evaluate_picture(robot, img_prediction, balloon_size=BALLOON_SIZE_MM):
Fundamental function that does the entire picturae evaluation process
Fundamental function that does the entire picture evaluation process
this includes:
1. Taking a picture
2. Getting information about the content
3. Dynamically setting the balloon size
4. Calculating the turn degree ind distance
4. Calculating the turn degree and distance
5. Evaluating the relation of robot and balloon
Optional: Uncomment for online image prediction
......@@ -431,7 +431,7 @@ def evaluate_picture(robot, img_prediction, balloon_size=BALLOON_SIZE_MM):
robot_left = results['robot'][0]
robot_right = robot_left + results['balloon'][2]
robot_right = robot_left + results['robot'][2]
robot_middle = (robot_left + robot_right)/2
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