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first draft impl for isDerivable

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......@@ -2,7 +2,16 @@ package edu.kit.formal.interpreter;
import de.uka.ilkd.key.api.ScriptApi;
import de.uka.ilkd.key.api.VariableAssignments;
import de.uka.ilkd.key.logic.Name;
import de.uka.ilkd.key.logic.Term;
import de.uka.ilkd.key.logic.op.SchemaVariable;
import de.uka.ilkd.key.proof.ApplyStrategy;
import de.uka.ilkd.key.proof.Goal;
import de.uka.ilkd.key.proof.Proof;
import de.uka.ilkd.key.proof.init.Profile;
import de.uka.ilkd.key.rule.NoPosTacletApp;
import de.uka.ilkd.key.rule.Taclet;
import de.uka.ilkd.key.rule.TacletApp;
......@@ -11,11 +20,10 @@ import edu.kit.formal.proofscriptparser.ast.Signature;
import edu.kit.formal.proofscriptparser.ast.TermLiteral;
import edu.kit.formal.proofscriptparser.ast.Type;
import edu.kit.formal.proofscriptparser.ast.Variable;
import org.key_project.util.collection.ImmutableList;
import org.key_project.util.collection.ImmutableSLList;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Map;
import java.util.Set;
import java.util.*;
* Interface to KeY Matcher Api
......@@ -23,6 +31,7 @@ import java.util.Set;
* @author S. Grebing
public class KeYMatcher implements MatcherApi<KeyData> {
private static final Name CUT_TACLET_NAME = new Name("cut");
private ScriptApi scrapi;
private Interpreter<KeyData> interpreter;
......@@ -101,4 +110,46 @@ public class KeYMatcher implements MatcherApi<KeyData> {
private TermLiteral from(Term t) {
return new TermLiteral(t.toString());
* @param proof
* @param kd
* @param term
* @return null if the term is not derivable or the new state
public GoalNode<KeyData> isDerivable(Proof proof, GoalNode<KeyData> kd, Term term) {
Taclet cut = proof.getEnv().getInitConfigForEnvironment().lookupActiveTaclet(CUT_TACLET_NAME);
TacletApp app = NoPosTacletApp.createNoPosTacletApp(cut);
SchemaVariable sv = (SchemaVariable) app.uninstantiatedVars().iterator().next();
TacletApp cutApp = app.addCheckedInstantiation(sv, term, proof.getServices(), true);
ImmutableList<Goal> goalList = kd.getData().getGoal().apply(app);
if(goalList.size() !=2) {
throw new IllegalStateException("Cut created more than two sub goals!");
// apply auto on the first (hope that is the "to show" case.
Goal toShow = goalList.head();
//apply auto to close this branch, from
Profile profile = proof.getServices().getProfile();
ApplyStrategy applyStrategy = new ApplyStrategy(profile.getSelectedGoalChooserBuilder().create());
applyStrategy.start(proof, toShow);
//check if there are no goals under toShow
boolean isDerivable = proof.getSubtreeGoals(toShow.node()).size() == 0;
// maybe we should prune
//proof.pruneProof(kd.getData().getNode(), false);
// or not prune?
if(isDerivable) {
GoalNode<KeyData> newGoalNode = new GoalNode<KeyData>(kd, new KeyData(kd.getData(), goalList.head()));
return newGoalNode;
return null;
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