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# <h1>Language Constructs
# Language Constructs
Proof scripts are textual representations of rule applications, settings changes
and macro invocations.
......@@ -21,14 +21,40 @@ A script variable has a name, a type and a value.
Variables are declared by
var0 : type
var1 : type := value
var0 : type;
var1 : type := value;
var2 := value;
Both statements declare a variable, in the later we directly assign a value, in
the first form `var0` receives a default value.
### Types and Literals
We have following types: `INT`, `Term<Sort>`, `String`
We have following types: `INT`, `TERM<Sort>`, `String`.
* `INT` represents integer of arbitrary size.
* `TERM<S>` represents a term of sort `S` in KeY.
`S` can be any sort of KeY. If the sort is ommitied, then `S=Any`.
"i am a string"
### Special Variables
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