Commit 588a76d2 authored by Alexander Weigl's avatar Alexander Weigl
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add a facade

parent 0c920dff
package edu.kit.formatl.proofscriptparser;
import edu.kit.formal.proofscriptparser.ScriptLanguageLexer;
import edu.kit.formal.proofscriptparser.ScriptLanguageParser;
import edu.kit.formatl.proofscriptparser.ast.ProofScript;
import org.antlr.v4.runtime.*;
* @author Alexander Weigl
* @version 1 (27.04.17)
public class Facade {
public ScriptLanguageParser.StartContext parseStream(CharStream stream) {
ScriptLanguageParser slp = new ScriptLanguageParser(new CommonTokenStream(new ScriptLanguageLexer(stream)));
return slp.start();
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