Commit 62680106 authored by Lulu Luong's avatar Lulu Luong
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parent a41d9894
......@@ -140,17 +140,32 @@ public class RuleCommandHandler implements CommandHandler<KeyData> {
state.getGoals().add(new GoalNode<>(expandedNode, kdn, kdn.getNode().isClosed()));
} catch (ScriptException e) {
//TODO: adding UserinteractionWindow
/*TODO: possible cases not applicable, because
command not recognized
command not recognized (can be ignored)
command multiple matches -> need more specification with on + formula
if(e.getMessage().equals("More than one applicable occurrence")) {
//TODO: open UserinteractionWindow with selectionbox , need (RuleCommand: 121)
ImmutableList<TacletApp> allApps = c.findAllTacletApps(cc, state);
List<TacletApp> matchingApps = c.filterList(cc, allApps);
//TODO: (re)apply completed TacletApp
//TODO: insert into script
command not complete -> missig parameters
if(e.getMessage().equals("Not a unique \\assumes instantiation")) {
//TODO: open UserinteractionWindow
//TODO: open UserinteractionWindow with selectionbox , need (RuleCommand: 56)
ImmutableList<TacletApp> assumesCandidates = theApp.findIfFormulaInstantiations(state.getFirstOpenGoal().sequent(), proof.getServices());
//TODO: apply completed TacletApp
//TODO: (re)apply completed TacletApp
//TODO: insert into script
......@@ -299,6 +299,8 @@ public class DebuggerMain implements Initializable {
//marriage key proof facade to proof tree
//TODO: refresh script tree
(prop, o, n) -> {
if (n == null) {
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