Commit 931a11a0 authored by Lulu Luong's avatar Lulu Luong


parent 18d2aec5
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......@@ -244,7 +244,7 @@ public class ScriptTreeGraph {
Node callnode = nextPtreeNode.getStateBeforeStmt().getSelectedGoalNode().getData().getNode();
ScriptTreeNode sn = new ScriptTreeNode(callnode, nextPtreeNode, nextPtreeNode.getStatement().getStartPosition().getLineNumber());
//check if statement was applicable
if (nextPtreeNode.getStateBeforeStmt() == nextPtreeNode.getStateAfterStmt()) {
if (nextPtreeNode.getStateAfterStmt().getGoals().equals(nextPtreeNode.getStateBeforeStmt().getGoals())) {
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