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fix to step into

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package edu.kit.iti.formal.psdbg;
import edu.kit.iti.formal.psdbg.interpreter.dbg.*;
package edu.kit.iti.formal.psdbg.interpreter.dbg;
public class StepIntoCommand<T> extends DebuggerCommand<T> {
public void execute(DebuggerFramework<T> dbg) {
PTreeNode<T> statePointer = dbg.getStatePointer();
assert statePointer != null;
if (statePointer.isAtomic()) {
if (statePointer.isAtomic()) { // atomic same as step over
new StepOverCommand<T>().execute(dbg);
} else {
dbg.releaseUntil(new Blocker.CounterBlocker(1));
if (statePointer.getStepInto() != null) { // if there is already an step into take it!
} else {
if (!statePointer.isLastNode()) { // execute non last commands, one step wide!
dbg.releaseUntil(new Blocker.CounterBlocker(1));
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