Commit 34662f75 authored by axel.maurer's avatar axel.maurer
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parent 0935cdb3
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ Fehlermeldungen haben immer folgenden Aufbau:
|11|bwCard old (becaad)|bwCard-Nummer;readerUID (Hex)
|12|bwCard old (becaad)|cardUID (Hex);readerUID (Hex)
|13|bwCard old (becaad)|bwCard-Nummer encrypted (Hex)>;<readerUID (Hex)
|14|bwCard old (becaad)|read file 1; bwCard-Nummer;int;int
|14|bwCard old (becaad)|read file 1; bwCard-Nummer;int1;int2 (see function 15)
|15|bwCard old (becaad)|write file 1: 2*int32 in 8 bytes|15,1122334455667788 (11223344 first int (Hex), 55667788 second int (Hex))
|20|Success Beep|Kein Returnwert
|20|Success Beep|Kein Returnwert
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