Commit 4bbb48fa authored by axel.maurer's avatar axel.maurer
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build for elatec mini in comment

parent 94febed8
......@@ -145,7 +145,8 @@ goto :init
"%ELATEC_DIR%\Tools\Yagarto-20110328\bin\arm-none-eabi-objcopy" -O ihex "App_KITC100_%PROJECT%.elf" "App_KITC100_%PROJECT%.hex"
if errorlevel 1 goto end
"%ELATEC_DIR%\Tools\makeapp" -tTWN4 -nTWN4 "-i%ELATEC_DIR%\%FIRMWARE_PATH%" "-hApp_KITC100_%PROJECT%.hex" "-o%BIX_FILE%"
@REM "%ELATEC_DIR%\Tools\makeapp" -v4 -tTWN4 -nTWN4 "-iTWN4_CKx405.bix" "-iTWN4_MKx405.bix" "-iTWN4_NKx405.bix" "-hApp_KITC100_%PROJECT%.hex" "-o%BIX_FILE%"
"%ELATEC_DIR%\Tools\makeapp" -v4 -tTWN4 -nTWN4 "-i%ELATEC_DIR%\%FIRMWARE_PATH%" "-hApp_KITC100_%PROJECT%.hex" "-o%BIX_FILE%"
if errorlevel 1 goto end
del "App_KITC100_%PROJECT%. elf" "App_KITC100_%PROJECT%.lst" "" "App_KITC100_%PROJECT%.hex" "TWN4_%DEV_VERSION%.bix"
if not defined NoloadOption (
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