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    * Added a new file: beintlive_t.h which subsumes all interferene/liveness checks · 8eee0e63
    Sebastian Hack authored
      - it uses the new liveness checking algos in ana/irlivechk.h
      - value_dominates, etc. was erased from bera.h because it does not belong there
    * bechordal.c features an experimental coloring (by defualt disabled by macro)
      which can color the routine in a single pass without building the "borders".
      A long term goal is to disable borders completely but they are used in other
      places, too.
    * The 1st parameter of values_interfere is now a birg and not a be_lv_t. There
      is now a special routine lv_values_interfere() for those who want to use the
      computed liveness explicitly. changing the parameter makes it more easy to
      switch to other liveness implementations.
    All other files were modified to respect the changes