Commit 00d62c12 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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amd64: mark spills/reloads as such

parent ed23b154
......@@ -1776,6 +1776,7 @@ ir_node *amd64_new_spill(ir_node *value, ir_node *after)
ir_node *in[] = { value, frame, mem };
ir_node *store = new_bd_amd64_Store(NULL, block, ARRAY_SIZE(in), in, &attr);
arch_set_irn_register_reqs_in(store, reg_reg_mem_reqs);
arch_add_irn_flags(store, arch_irn_flag_spill);
sched_add_after(after, store);
return store;
......@@ -1796,6 +1797,7 @@ ir_node *amd64_new_reload(ir_node *value, ir_node *spill, ir_node *before)
ir_node *load = new_bd_amd64_Mov(NULL, block, ARRAY_SIZE(in), in,
INSN_MODE_64, AMD64_OP_ADDR, addr);
arch_set_irn_register_reqs_in(load, reg_mem_reqs);
arch_add_irn_flags(load, arch_irn_flag_reload);
sched_add_before(before, load);
amd64_addr_attr_t *attr = get_amd64_addr_attr(load);
attr->needs_frame_ent = true;
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