Commit 0184994d authored by yb9976's avatar yb9976
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We did not need a special case for Bad nodes.

They are located in the start block, which dominates all other blocks.
parent 96826438
......@@ -915,9 +915,7 @@ static bool check_dominance_for_node(const ir_node *use)
ir_node *bl = get_nodes_block(use);
for (int i = get_irn_arity(use); i-- > 0; ) {
ir_node *def = get_irn_n(use, i);
if (is_Bad(def))
ir_node *def = get_irn_n(use, i);
ir_node *def_bl = get_nodes_block(def);
/* we have no dominance relation for unreachable blocks, so we can't
* check the dominance property there */
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