Commit 01fa0b51 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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ia32: Dump x87 node attributes.

parent a1855e22
......@@ -83,6 +83,31 @@ static bool has_ia32_condcode_attr(const ir_node *node)
|| is_ia32_Sbb0(node) || is_ia32_Cmc(node);
static bool has_ia32_x87_attr(ir_node const *const node)
switch ((ia32_opcodes)get_ia32_irn_opcode(node)) {
case iro_ia32_FucomFnstsw:
case iro_ia32_Fucomi:
case iro_ia32_FucomppFnstsw:
case iro_ia32_fadd:
case iro_ia32_fdiv:
case iro_ia32_ffreep:
case iro_ia32_fist:
case iro_ia32_fisttp:
case iro_ia32_fmul:
case iro_ia32_fpop:
case iro_ia32_fpush:
case iro_ia32_fpushCopy:
case iro_ia32_fst:
case iro_ia32_fsub:
case iro_ia32_fxch:
return true;
return false;
static char const *get_frame_use_str(ir_node const *const node)
switch (get_ia32_frame_use(node)) {
......@@ -227,6 +252,11 @@ static void ia32_dump_node(FILE *F, const ir_node *n, dump_reason_t reason)
fprintf(F, "ins_permuted = %s\n", be_dump_yesno(attr->ins_permuted));
} else if (is_ia32_CopyB(n) || is_ia32_CopyB_i(n)) {
fprintf(F, "size = %u\n", get_ia32_copyb_size(n));
} else if (has_ia32_x87_attr(n)) {
ia32_x87_attr_t const *const attr = get_ia32_x87_attr_const(n);
fprintf(F, "explicit operand = %s\n", be_dump_reg_name(attr->reg));
fprintf(F, "result to explicit operand = %s\n", be_dump_yesno(attr->res_in_reg));
fprintf(F, "pop = %s\n", be_dump_yesno(attr->pop));
fprintf(F, "commutative = %s\n", be_dump_yesno(is_ia32_commutative(n)));
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