Commit 0290442e authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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fix verifier crash in case of no register assigned errors

parent 3b6054a9
......@@ -759,8 +759,11 @@ static void check_input_constraints(ir_node *node)
const arch_register_t *pred_reg = arch_get_irn_register(pred);
if (reg != pred_reg && !arch_register_type_is(pred_reg, joker)) {
const char *pred_name = pred_reg != NULL ? pred_reg->name : "(null)";
const char *reg_name = reg != NULL ? reg->name : "(null)";
ir_fprintf(stderr, "Verify warning: Input %d of %+F in block %+F(%s) uses register %s instead of %s\n",
i, node, get_nodes_block(node), get_irg_dump_name(irg), pred_reg->name, reg->name);
i, node, get_nodes_block(node),
get_irg_dump_name(irg), pred_name, reg_name);
problem_found = 1;
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