Commit 03deb3de authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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fix bug in last commit

parent bd0bfb9f
......@@ -385,14 +385,16 @@ static bool push_through_perm(ir_node *const perm, arch_register_class_t const *
* If we would allow to move the Perm above this instruction,
* the former dead operand would be live now at the point of
* the Perm, increasing the register pressure by one. */
if (in_req->type != arch_register_req_type_none || !is_node_operand(perm, op)) {
if (in_req->type != arch_register_req_type_none ||
in_req->limited != NULL || !is_node_operand(perm, op)) {
DB((dbg_permmove, LEVEL_2, "\tcannot move past %+F due to operand %+F\n", node, op));
goto done;
be_foreach_definition(node, cls, value, req,
if (req->type & ~arch_register_req_type_should_be_same)
if ((req->type & ~arch_register_req_type_should_be_same) != 0
|| req->limited != NULL)
goto done;
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