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NEWS update

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====== libFirm 1.18.0 (2010-??) ======
* Includes "Preference Guided Register Assignment" algorithm
* Experimental Value Range Propagation, Loop Inversion and Loop Unrolling code
* Simplified construction interface. Most node constructors don't need graph/block arguments anymore.
* Reworked type interface. Type names are optional now. Support for additional linkage types that among others support C++ 'linkonce' semantics now.
* Small changes in constructors and node getters/setters (mostly adding 'const' to some getters)
* code cleanup, smaller improvements in API specification
* bugfixes
====== libFirm 1.17.0 (2009-05-15) ======
* bugfixes
* advanced load/store optimisation which hoists loads out of loops
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