Commit 0637f39e authored by yb9976's avatar yb9976
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Remove superfluous forward declarations

parent 48f6d297
......@@ -317,16 +317,6 @@ struct ir_node {
ir_attr attr;
/* forward declaration to avoid circular dependency problems */
#define get_irg_block_visited(irg) get_irg_block_visited_(irg)
#define get_irg_visited(irg) get_irg_visited_(irg)
#define ir_resources_reserved(irg) ir_resources_reserved_(irg)
#define is_Id(node) is_Id_(node)
static inline ir_visited_t get_irg_visited_(const ir_graph *irg);
static inline ir_visited_t get_irg_block_visited_(const ir_graph *irg);
static inline ir_resources_t ir_resources_reserved_(const ir_graph *irg);
static inline int is_Id_(const ir_node *node);
* Returns the array with the ins. The content of the array must not be
* changed.
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