Commit 068a788a authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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ia32: Fix warning

parent 01fea041
......@@ -3429,12 +3429,13 @@ static unsigned bemit_relocation_callback(char *const buffer,
return 4;
uint32_t const entity_addr = (uint32_t)be_jit_get_entity_addr(entity);
uint32_t const entity_addr
= (uint32_t)(intptr_t)be_jit_get_entity_addr(entity);
if (entity_addr == ~0u)
panic("Could not resolve address of entity %+F", entity);
uint32_t addr = entity_addr + offset;
if (be_kind == X86_IMM_PCREL)
addr -= (uint32_t)buffer;
addr -= (uint32_t)(intptr_t)buffer;
uint32_t *dest = (uint32_t*)buffer;
*dest = addr;
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