Commit 09a58bfb authored by Christian Würdig's avatar Christian Würdig
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removed bechordalspill.c (does not longer exist)

parent 7d46c6ab
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ SOURCES = $(INSTALL_HEADERS)
SOURCES += besched.h belistsched.h belistsched.c \
beutil.h bemain.c besched.c bemain.c belive.c belive.h benumb.h \
benumb_t.h benumb.c bechordal.c bera.c beutil.c \
bera.h bechordalspill.c bechordal_main.c \
bera.h bechordal_main.c \
becopyopt.c becopyheur.c becopyheur2.c becopyilp.c becopyilp1.c \
becopyilp2.c beifg.c becopystat.c bearch.c bechordal_draw.c \
bechordal_draw.h beirgmod.c beirgmod.h benode.c benode_t.h \
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