Commit 0a80a1fb authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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libcore: allow options with '-'

Usually '-' was used as delimiter for hierarchically nested option
groups. We now try the completely remaining string as option if no
subgroup can be found, so options like "soft-float" work now (as long as
there is not subgroup named "soft")
parent 41519271
......@@ -589,12 +589,13 @@ int lc_opt_from_single_arg(const lc_opt_entry_t *root, const char *arg)
char *buf = (char*)obstack_copy0(&obst, arg, end - arg);
/* Resolve the group inside the group */
grp = lc_opt_find_grp(grp, buf);
if (grp == NULL)
return 0;
lc_opt_entry_t *new_grp = lc_opt_find_grp(grp, buf);
if (new_grp == NULL)
grp = new_grp;
/* Find the next option part delimiter. */
arg = end + 1;
arg = end + 1;
end = strchr(arg, OPT_DELIM);
eqsign = strchr(arg, '=');
if (eqsign && eqsign < end)
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