Commit 0c157edb authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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Use ia32_copy_am_attrs().

parent 1cb93250
......@@ -5436,11 +5436,7 @@ static void postprocess_fp_call_results(void)
ir_mode *mode = get_ia32_ls_mode(succ);
ir_node *st = new_bd_ia32_fst(db, block, base, idx,
mem, value, mode);
//ir_node *mem = new_r_Proj(st, mode_M, pn_ia32_fst_M);
set_ia32_am_offs_int(st, get_ia32_am_offs_int(succ));
if (is_ia32_use_frame(succ))
set_ia32_frame_ent(st, get_ia32_frame_ent(succ));
ia32_copy_am_attrs(st, succ);
set_irn_pinned(st, get_irn_pinned(succ));
set_ia32_op_type(st, ia32_AddrModeD);
......@@ -915,13 +915,8 @@ static int sim_store(x87_state *state, ir_node *n)
ir_node *const vfld = new_bd_ia32_fld(NULL, block, get_irn_n(n, 0), get_irn_n(n, 1), mem, mode);
/* copy all attributes */
set_ia32_frame_ent(vfld, get_ia32_frame_ent(n));
if (is_ia32_use_frame(n))
ia32_copy_am_attrs(vfld, n);
set_ia32_op_type(vfld, ia32_AddrModeS);
add_ia32_am_offs_int(vfld, get_ia32_am_offs_int(n));
set_ia32_am_sc(vfld, get_ia32_am_sc(n));
set_ia32_ls_mode(vfld, mode);
ir_node *const rproj = new_r_Proj(vfld, mode, pn_ia32_fld_res);
ir_node *const mproj = new_r_Proj(vfld, mode_M, pn_ia32_fld_M);
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