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Prologue barriers have also memory now

parent 143561a3
......@@ -1003,7 +1003,7 @@ static reg_node_map_t *reg_map_to_arr(struct obstack *obst, pmap *reg_map)
static void create_barrier(be_abi_irg_t *env, ir_node *bl, ir_node **mem, pmap *regs, int in_req)
ir_graph *irg = env->birg->irg;
int i, j, n;
int i, n;
int n_regs = pmap_count(regs);
ir_node *irn;
ir_node **in;
......@@ -1061,6 +1061,7 @@ static void modify_irg(be_abi_irg_t *env)
ir_node *end = get_irg_end_block(irg);
ir_node *arg_tuple = get_irg_args(irg);
ir_node *no_mem = get_irg_no_mem(irg);
ir_node *mem = get_irg_initial_mem(irg);
type *method_type = get_entity_type(get_irg_entity(irg));
pset *dont_save = pset_new_ptr(8);
pmap *reg_proj_map = pmap_create();
......@@ -1177,13 +1178,14 @@ static void modify_irg(be_abi_irg_t *env)
obstack_free(&env->obst, rm);
/* Generate the Prologue */
fp_reg = call->cb->prologue(env->cb, env->regs);
create_barrier(env, bl, NULL, env->regs, 0);
env->init_sp = pmap_get(env->regs, (void *) sp);
fp_reg = call->cb->prologue(env->cb, &mem, env->regs);
create_barrier(env, bl, &mem, env->regs, 0);
env->init_sp = be_abi_reg_map_get(env->regs, sp);
env->init_sp = be_new_IncSP(sp, irg, bl, env->init_sp, no_mem, BE_STACK_FRAME_SIZE, be_stack_dir_along);
arch_set_irn_register(env->birg->main_env->arch_env, env->init_sp, sp);
pmap_insert(env->regs, (void *) sp, env->init_sp);
frame_pointer = pmap_get(env->regs, (void *) fp_reg);
be_abi_reg_map_set(env->regs, sp, env->init_sp);
frame_pointer = be_abi_reg_map_get(env->regs, sp);
set_irg_frame(irg, frame_pointer);
/* Now, introduce stack param nodes for all parameters passed on the stack */
......@@ -61,12 +61,13 @@ struct _be_abi_callbacks_t {
* Generate the prologue.
* @param self The callback object.
* @param mem A pointer to the mem node. Update this if you define new memory.
* @param reg_map A mapping mapping all callee_save/ignore/parameter registers to their defining nodes.
* @return The register which shall be used as a stack frame base.
* All nodes which define registers in @p reg_map must keep @p reg_map current.
const arch_register_t *(*prologue)(void *self, pmap *reg_map);
const arch_register_t *(*prologue)(void *self, ir_node **mem, pmap *reg_map);
* Generate the epilogue.
......@@ -117,4 +118,7 @@ void be_abi_free(be_abi_irg_t *abi);
ir_node *be_abi_get_callee_save_irn(be_abi_irg_t *abi, const arch_register_t *reg);
#define be_abi_reg_map_get(map, reg) pmap_get((map), (void *) (reg))
#define be_abi_reg_map_set(map, reg, irn) pmap_insert((map), (void *) (reg), (irn))
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