Commit 10cdd325 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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only compare meaningful bits in strcalc unittest for now

parent b9ef9f14
......@@ -10,7 +10,10 @@ static unsigned buflen;
static bool equal(const sc_word *v0, const sc_word *v1)
return memcmp(v0, v1, buflen) == 0;
/* use precision/4 instead of buflen for now until we don't have these
* strange extra precision words anymore. */
size_t len = precision/4;
return memcmp(v0, v1, len) == 0;
typedef void (*binop)(const sc_word *v0, const sc_word *v1, sc_word *dest);
......@@ -215,10 +218,7 @@ int main(void)
check_associativity(val0, val1, val2, sc_or);
check_associativity(val0, val1, val2, sc_and);
check_associativity(val0, val1, val2, sc_xor);
// following disabled: internal precision is higher and high
// bits generated (but not regarded as source for next
// multiplication)
//check_associativity(val0, val1, val2, sc_mul);
check_associativity(val0, val1, val2, sc_mul);
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