Commit 1327b3b2 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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iropt: Correct check in equivalent_node_Conv().

It is a sign extension when the operand is signed, not just when both the operand and the result are signed.
parent 742cdda1
......@@ -1348,11 +1348,10 @@ static ir_node *equivalent_node_Conv(ir_node *n)
ir_tarval *const bz = bb->z;
const long highest_bit = get_tarval_highest_bit(bz);
const long mode_bits = get_mode_size_bits(a_mode);
const int both_signed = mode_is_signed(a_mode) && mode_is_signed(b_mode);
/* If both modes are signed, the highest bit of the smaller mode
const int is_sext = mode_is_signed(a_mode);
/* If it is a sign extension, the highest bit of the smaller mode
* must be zero to ensure that no sign extension occurs. */
if (highest_bit + both_signed < mode_bits) {
if (highest_bit + is_sext < mode_bits) {
n = b;
DBG_OPT_ALGSIM1(oldn, a, b, n, FS_OPT_CONV);
return n;
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