Commit 14737ad6 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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irio: do not leave construction mode too early

(otherwise CSE merges temporary Phi nodes without inputs)
parent 24a97175
......@@ -2287,11 +2287,11 @@ static ir_graph *read_irg(read_env_t *env)
ir_type *frame = read_type_ref(env);
irg_inline_property prop = read_inline_property(env);
unsigned props = read_unsigned(env);
set_irg_frame_type(irg, frame);
set_irg_inline_property(irg, prop);
set_irg_additional_properties(irg, (mtp_additional_properties)props);
read_graph(env, irg);
return irg;
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