Commit 155f420f authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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C99 constructs removed

parent 1feb1319
......@@ -407,10 +407,12 @@ void ia32_setup_cg_config(void)
void ia32_init_architecture(void)
lc_opt_entry_t *be_grp, *ia32_grp;
memset(&ia32_cg_config, 0, sizeof(ia32_cg_config));
lc_opt_entry_t *be_grp = lc_opt_get_grp(firm_opt_get_root(), "be");
lc_opt_entry_t *ia32_grp = lc_opt_get_grp(be_grp, "ia32");
be_grp = lc_opt_get_grp(firm_opt_get_root(), "be");
ia32_grp = lc_opt_get_grp(be_grp, "ia32");
lc_opt_add_table(ia32_grp, ia32_architecture_options);
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