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Factorise code to create an array type and entity.

parent d1c1f3df
......@@ -352,36 +352,33 @@ static void instrument_irg(ir_graph *irg, ir_entity *counters, block_id_walker_d
* Creates a new entity representing the equivalent of
* static unsigned int name[size]
* static <element_mode> <name>[<length>];
static ir_entity *new_array_entity(ident *name, int size)
static ir_entity *new_array_entity(ident *const name, ir_mode *const element_mode, unsigned const length, ir_linkage const linkage)
ir_type *const uint_type = get_type_for_mode(mode_Iu);
ir_type *const array_type = new_type_array(uint_type, size);
ir_type *const owner = get_glob_type();
return new_global_entity(owner, name, array_type, ir_visibility_private, IR_LINKAGE_DEFAULT);
ir_type *const element_type = get_type_for_mode(element_mode);
ir_type *const array_type = new_type_array(element_type, length);
ident *const id = new_id_from_str(name);
ir_type *const owner = get_glob_type();
return new_global_entity(owner, id, array_type, ir_visibility_private, linkage);
* Creates a new entity representing the equivalent of
* static const char name[strlen(string)+1] = string
static ir_entity *new_static_string_entity(ident *name, const char *string)
static ir_entity *new_static_string_entity(char const *const name, char const *const string)
/* Create the type for a fixed-length string */
ir_type *const char_type = get_type_for_mode(mode_Bs);
size_t const length = strlen(string) + 1;
ir_type *const string_type = new_type_array(char_type, length);
ir_type *const owner = get_glob_type();
ir_entity *const result = new_global_entity(owner, name, string_type, ir_visibility_private, IR_LINKAGE_CONSTANT);
ir_mode *const mode = mode_Bs;
size_t const length = strlen(string) + 1;
ir_entity *const result = new_array_entity(name, mode, length, IR_LINKAGE_CONSTANT);
/* There seems to be no simpler way to do this. Or at least, cparser
* does exactly the same thing... */
ir_initializer_t *const contents = create_initializer_compound(length);
for (size_t i = 0; i < length; i++) {
ir_tarval *const c = new_tarval_from_long(string[i], mode_Bs);
ir_tarval *const c = new_tarval_from_long(string[i], mode);
ir_initializer_t *const init = create_initializer_tarval(c);
set_initializer_compound_value(contents, i, init);
......@@ -405,11 +402,9 @@ ir_graph *ir_profile_instrument(const char *filename)
/* create all the necessary types and entities. Note that the
* types must have a fixed layout, because we are already running in the
* backend */
ident *const counter_id = new_id_from_str("__FIRMPROF__BLOCK_COUNTS");
ir_entity *const bblock_counts = new_array_entity(counter_id, n_blocks);
ir_entity *const bblock_counts = new_array_entity("__FIRMPROF__BLOCK_COUNTS", mode_Iu, n_blocks, IR_LINKAGE_DEFAULT);
ident *const filename_id = new_id_from_str("__FIRMPROF__FILE_NAME");
ir_entity *const ent_filename = new_static_string_entity(filename_id, filename);
ir_entity *const ent_filename = new_static_string_entity("__FIRMPROF__FILE_NAME", filename);
/* initialize block id array and instrument blocks */
block_id_walker_data_t wd = { .id = 0 };
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