Commit 180919e1 authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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moved iterator allocation outside loop

delete a chunk AFTER it's number is written

parent be6053eb
......@@ -767,13 +767,13 @@ static int change_node_color_excluded(co_mst_env_t *env, co_mst_irn_t *node, int
static int recolor_nodes(co_mst_env_t *env, co_mst_irn_t *node, col_cost_t *costs, waitq *changed_ones) {
int i;
waitq *local_changed = new_waitq();
void *nodes_it = be_ifg_nodes_iter_alloca(env->ifg);
DBG((env->dbg, LEVEL_1, "\tRecoloring %+F with color-costs", node->irn));
DBG_COL_COST(env, LEVEL_1, costs);
DB((env->dbg, LEVEL_1, "\n"));
for (i = 0; i < env->n_regs; ++i) {
void *nodes_it = be_ifg_nodes_iter_alloca(env->ifg);
int tgt_col = costs[i].col;
int neigh_ok = 1;
ir_node *neigh;
......@@ -1024,7 +1024,6 @@ static void color_aff_chunk(co_mst_env_t *env, aff_chunk_t *c) {
/* clear obsolete chunks and free some memory */
delete_aff_chunk(env, c);
delete_aff_chunk(env, best_chunk);
......@@ -1067,8 +1066,8 @@ int co_solve_heuristic_mst(copy_opt_t *co)
aff_chunk_t *chunk = pqueue_get(mst_env.chunks);
color_aff_chunk(&mst_env, chunk);
DB((mst_env.dbg, LEVEL_4, "<<<====== Coloring chunk (%d) done\n", chunk->id));
delete_aff_chunk(&mst_env, chunk);
/* apply coloring */
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