Commit 1922f408 authored by Tobias Rapp's avatar Tobias Rapp
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amd64: Change creation of sign bit tarval

parent 0506c889
......@@ -372,8 +372,9 @@ static ir_node *create_conv_const(ir_graph *irg, ir_mode *src_mode)
static ir_node *create_sign_bit_const(ir_graph *irg)
ir_tarval *one_tv = new_tarval_from_long(1, mode_Ls);
ir_tarval *sign_tv = tarval_shl_unsigned(one_tv, 63);
const char *sign_str = "0x8000000000000000";
ir_tarval *sign_tv = new_tarval_from_str(sign_str, strlen(sign_str),
return new_r_Const(irg, sign_tv);
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